The Photograph as Art and Design Part 3

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One of the most practical uses of photography in today’s world, is its use in commercialized advertising. Photos now play an important role in trying to embellish a subject for sale purposes. Commercial photography relies on tedious work in arranging products for optimal viewing. But it is the basic principals of design that allow a consumer to have the initial attraction to the product. The compositional element of the crop and framing of the item, use of line and pattern to move the eye to a specified location in the picture, and other simple factors that glamorise the photograph. Color also plays a key role in the arrangement of an item in a photograph. Color is most important in dealing with such organic object as food, in which the photographer must seek out theperfectproduct.

For example if a photographer were to take a picture of something say as an apple, he would probably have to go through dozens of apples to find the right one portraying the best shape, color, and texture. As mentioned before these are the basic elements of design, with the only difference being that the photographer had to literally search out the subject instead of creating it. If there are other elements in the photograph such as some leaves or other items of fruit, the color contrast has to be set correctly. Most designers as well as photographers rely on the color wheel for correct color balance, to make the product as appealing to the eye as possible. With the millions of dollars thrown at advertising, these principals of photography serve as an important factor in the way a product is portrayed.

Photography has taken quite a large step recently giving the photographer a wider range of options. The inventions of digital photography has changed the industry completely and as it becomes more integrated into the profession, photography will advance further than it has ever gone before. This gives photographers who fought those basic struggles offindingthe photo new options. Now with digital manipulation it is possible to combine the talent of an artist and the realism of a photograph to output a higher Quality image.

Graphic design has brought the industry of commercialism to new heights and continues to break through new advances. The applications are unlimited. For the first time the photographer doesn’t have to settle on finding the image. He can simply create one, and still hold on to the realism element that makes photography so unique

With all of these new elements going into photography, one can hardly wait to see what new ventures will be travelled. and what new images will appear in your Sunday paper. Already, the public is captivated by what it sees in video, so if the ability to take that single frame and implement the same graphic elements arrives. photography will have advance further than anyone could possibly imagine.

Or is it already there?